Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Jigga-How can you not want this at Glastonbury?

All this madness about Jay Z headlining Glastonbury is too much. This has never been done before, the man's a pioneer! He is sick live, just watch the above. I think everyone who is criticizing Jay Z headlining will be pleasantly surprised.

Jay Z has just done a record breaking deal with Live Nation (Madonna and U2) worth a reported $150m. Live nation will fund Jay Z's new label Roc Nation, upcoming albums and touring. In return Live Nation will have a hand in Jay's publishing, merchandise, touring and record sales. Knowbody does deals like Hov!

This is Jay and Rihanna performing at last years MTV Movie Awards.

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spender said...

I Agree. Jay-Z Is A Definite Must At Glastonbury, people need 2 be more open minded.

check the blog.

I support your music.