Sunday, 20 July 2008


Well the big day is coming. STRYDERMAN is released tomorrow. It seems like a long time since this first started getting promoted and so much has happened so quickly. I've got to say I wouldn't have thought when the promo started off that by the time this day came it would be coming out on a big label...would be on Radio 1's B-List...would be on soooo many video channels....I'd be doing appearences on terrestrial tv channels....its ALOT!! So a BIG thanks to all who have helped it get there by requesting, texting in, doing whatever it was that has helped this tune. And a MASSIVE thanks to the DJ's who have championed this at radio: Ras Kwame, Westwood, Trevor Nelson, Zane Lowe, Jo Whiley, Fearne Cotton, Greg James, Semtex, Target, Cameo, Swerve, Twin B - and everyone else - that list is just the ppl I have heard playing it!

All thats left now is to make sure that it does as well as it can, so please please if you like the tune go to itunes, 7digital, napster etc. etc. WHATEVER you use and BUY IT!! Or if you'd rather get a CD in your hand then wait until August 4th and get the single (which includes Breathe and the Wiley remix).

Thanks to anyone and everyone supporting!!

Here's the video one more time (BIG UP Mo):

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