Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Fake STAR IN THE HOOD t-shirts - Watch Out!

Just a quick blog to let you all know that there are some FAKE Star In The Hood tees on sale. I dont want any of my fans to be conned into thinking these fakes are to do with me so watch out for them!

There is a couple of FAKES on eBay. One of them is even calling themselves 'Tinchy Stryder'!! They're not me! You CANNOT buy real SITH tees on eBay - so don't be fooled! There is also a site called 'zazzle' that has some really bad looking fakes - do not be conned!

Finally just so you know the ONLY REAL PLACES to get the STAR IN THE HOOD t-shirt are my shop (linked from my myspace) which is at: www.tinchy.bigcartel.com, Uk Record Shop.com and Uptown Records in central London!

Please dont buy these fakes, I can't explain how angry it makes me to see people stealing money away from my hard work!!


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