Wednesday, 13 August 2008

My Update

Well, I've been pretty busy over the past few weeks. Firstly BIG thanks to everyone who has copped Stryderman so far, if you haven't - what the hell are you doin?!?! Go to iTunes NOW!!!!

The best result of all this busyness (is that a word??) (and all the lack of blogging) is some SERIOUS new tunes coming your way very soon!!! My next single is a straight banger made by a stupidly talented new producer, he's gonna be making hits for years to come, trust me!! I can't wait for you lot to hear this one. Its coming out in October so it should hit your ears very soon...I've also been back in the studio with loads of other people (I'm not telling who yet, but they're all HIT makers!!) and jumped on the remix to Ironik's next single....

I've been doing a ton of P.A's so thanks to anyone who has come along to those, they've been a lot of fun, more to come, make sure you check out the dates at my myspace.

Spent a while abroad, the big trip to Malia with the Westwood, Skepta and Ghetto was jokes. If you haven't already heard the banter then check the videos at the bottom of this post!! I have to big up Westwood for taking us out there, it was a funny funny few days.

Words, Spyro and me went and did Channel 4's Transmission show, that was heavy, I met a few other bands there - who were all cool - Scouting For Girls were getting silly amounts of free clothes, I didn't realise it was them that did 'She's So Lovely' until after the day - BIG tune!! Here's my dressing room (the only photo I did all day - rubbish!)

Swear there's more stuff to tell you but my minds gone totally blank, I'm gonna be putting big effort into keeping this up to date like I used to, there's loads of things I need to show you all that I'm feeling right now!!

I'll be back soooooon!!

Here's the Malia vids:



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